You Matter

Hi, I’m Johnna and I want you to know that you matter. Your life is valuable. I was going to take mine in June of 2018 when I discovered my husband of five years was cheating and literally lied to me about why he had to leave the country and leave me homeless and having to fend for myself. I wasn’t your typical depressed suicidal type of person. I was one of the strongest people you’d ever meet, or so I though.

Then I was hit with the worst betrayal that had ever happened to me and I just wanted the pain to end. I wanted to die.

It’s a rather long story and I would not have survived without the support of my friends, family, and even Elon Musk. Throughout the ordeal I’d written him an open letter which he shared. He didn’t know what was going on with me–I’d never met him. But on the day I wanted to just end it, he tweeted me again. Thanking me for wanting to gift him jewelry.

And when he found out that his tweet literally stopped me from taking my own life, he was super kind and encouraging to me. Telling me to believe in good.



I hope one day to meet Elon and thank him in person. But he is not the reason for this page. You are. Elon made me feel like I mattered. That I deserved to live, to exist. Despite everything that had happened to me, I deserve to be alive.

And I want my work, my art and my jewelry to mean something. I don’t want to just make pretty things, I want to make visual reminders that you are here for a reason.


You. Matter.