Two years ago my life changed in a drastic way that left me broken and shellshocked. I was married, then one day my husband came home and said that he didn’t pay our rent, lost his job and was leaving me.I was left homeless, bereft and heartbroken. The simple kindness of Elon Musk who replied to one of my tweets in a moment that I was about to do something fatal was one that changed my life.  Then his kindness again following the aftermath really moved me.

It gave me hope. It introduced me to a community of people who helped me get to where I am today. I was homeless, jobless, and emotionally devastated. Some days it was incredibly hard to “believe in good” especially when I felt so raw. I fought the pain. I made up my mind to survive and made a vow that if I can ever get through this, get through the divorce, I would buy a Tesla.

So I fought, cried and took it one day at a time. Each day was a step. Those steps led me through yesterday’s news of the fact that my divorce will be final next month and into this moment right now.:

That moment where I just placed an order for a Tesla Cybertruck.

It was a moment that I envisioned many times, but the emotions were unexpected.  I was suddenly hit with this overwhelming fear that what if I didn’t save enough money to cover it or didn’t make it?  What if I was making a mistake?  Then I remembered that by keeping this vow I was honoring myself, my heart, and my promise. I deserve this reward for the hard fight I fought to get to where I am now mentally and emotionally.

I squeezed my eyes shut and placed the order. Eternity stretched for a second then I saw the owl.  My heart raced. That button suddenly represented something else: the slamming of the door on a chapter of my life that almost became my final chapter due to a fatal choice I almost made that was halted by a reply from Elon.My heart raced, tears streamed down my face and I sat there in shock. Emotions ripped through me and I just froze as I just felt.  Pressing that button made me feel different.  Stronger, and more hopeful.


Why I Chose The Cybertruck

I chose the Cybertruck Single Motor RWD because it gives me time to save up for it and learn how to drive. 
All of my jewelry sales and ebook sales form this point on will be funding this. Every custom order piece placed, every piece sold form my online store will all go toward this vow I am keeping. If it wasn’t for Elon or the Tesla community I would be lost. Today, I made a  decision.  Thank you. Thank you all for helping me during the most painful part of my life.



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