Shungite is around 2 billion or so years old. It’s black and is more than 98% carbon. And it’s the rarest type of carbon on the planet. It also contains trace amounts of fullerenes which is a molecule of carbon in the shape of a hollow sphere, tube and more.

The spherical fullerenes are the ones being used in studies of treatment for Alzheimers. These are also known as Buckyballs. I honestly don’t know the full results on how it’s used but have stumbled upon several articles about how scientists have been having small breakthroughs with Alzheimer’s with the use of C60 (this type of fullerene).

I remember the first time I tried making shungite water. I used it with filtered water, which was already purified, but could taste the difference. Then a few friend and I did an experiment with tap water.

I said that if this really works, we should use it on the tap water and see if we can taste the difference. I used a pyramid given to me by Shungit Gifts of Russia and a glass decanter. Now most gem elixirs require you setting them out in the sun. Don’t do this with Shungite.

We stuck it on a shelf with a paper towel tied over it–you want the water to breathe–and tied off with a rubber band. The goal was to let it sit for 3 days, but we actually forgot about it. I had it on the back shelf in the gallery I was managing last year in Dallas.

Three weeks later I remembered the water on the shelf and went to it. We had a small party, my husband and a few friends. We sipped on cups of regular tap water first so we could see the difference. Then we tried the Shungite water and it was the best tasting water. It was crisp and clear.

There was no tap aftertaste, no chemical yuckiness of any sort.



I get asked by many people,

“You put rocks in your water?”

Then I remind them about where water actually comes from. Water cuts through rock (rivers) and lakes naturally have rocks in them. Quartz is the most common and you can easily make a quartz elixir to drink, however this would be best in a glass jar and set out in the sun for 12 hours if you use filtered water. Tap would probably take longer due to all the chemicals put into it.

Remember, we need vitamins and minerals in our daily diet. Minerals are rocks, yo. No, don’t try to take a bite out of granite. Or Dioptase event though the green one looks like Jollyrancher Green Apple.