Phenakite, also spelled Phenacite, is a beryllium silicate that may be yellow, pink, white or red, clear or colorless. It usually forms in a hexagonal crystal structure and sometimes short prisms. It’s in the mineral family of Beryl which is the same family as Emerald, and Aquamarine.

Phenakite is said to be a very potent high vibey crystal that creates pure light energy.  It gets its name from the ancient Greek word for deception because it was often mistaken for quartz.

Phenakite ranges from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. It’s also vitreous and transparent to translucent and like most beryl minerals has a hexagonal symmetry. It’s mostly found in cavities with granite and mica schists and also easily mistaken for topaz and sapphire as well.

Phenakite is considered rare but is easily obtainable at specialty stores. I have some as well.