Grounding is connecting to earth energy.


Our bodies have a lot of energy and sometimes more than we can handle. Grounding is a way to release that energy into Mother Earth while absorbing the energy we need from her.

It is literally keeping you rooted in place emotionally so you are that strong tree who can take on any hurricane.

Ever see a Muslim pray? Notice they have five points of their bodies touching the ground at the same time. Their forehead, palms, and knees. Also their feet. They are literally releasing excess energy into the ground.

Even electricians need to be grounded before they do their work. Being grounded literally protects you from shocks. When you are grounded you have a neutral charge aka balanced energy field.


So How Do You Get Grounded?


I will list a few grounding tools I created to help you get centered in a moment, but first I want to explain what Earthing is.

Earthing. This is just going outside in the yard barefoot. Take it a step further and give your feet a mud soak. Get creative with essential oils (Lavender is a natural antibiotic and kills germs if you’re worried about the germs).

If you live near water, stop by the lake or the beach and just sit and breathe on the shore or dock. Maybe get your feet wet a little bit and dig those toes into the sand.

Get into a prayer position: Knees, Palms and Forehead touching the ground simultaneously while visualizing excess energy that you don’t need pouring into the earth. And give thanks for the abundance of the earth as she fills you up with the good vibes you need. Other ways to ground are to meditate, use essential oils and crystals. Focus on your breath and also listening to good calming music. Take five and center yourself.


Some Good Stones To Help You Get Grounded

There are many great crystals that help with grounding. Black Tourmaline, Red Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Ruby, Dravite, Shungite, Hematite, Nuumite, Jet and Black Obsidian are some of my favorites with grounding. 

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