Glass Is Made From Quartz


Glass jewelry is considered by many artisans either fake or cheap unless it’s created by a popular brand, but glass isn’t as fake as you may think it is

Glass is made from sand. That warm yellow stuff you dig your toes in on the beach while the sun is warming up your soul with its vibrant rays.

Sand is silica which is a form of quartz crystal, one of the most abundant minerals on the planet. Quartz is also known as the Master Healer.


Properties of Glass


Glass is often reflective and has the ability to reflect energy being sent your way back to the sender.

Glass is earth transformed by fire and air then made molten, transformed yet again into a liquid only to be transformed again into an earthly state as an apparent solid.

Let’s recap that last statement: Glass goes through the 4 elements as form. Earth as sand, Air and Fire to Liquefy (water element form) it as molten (like lava) then cooled off into a beautiful form of Earth.

Glass is pretty ancient, actually, with beads being found and dated back as long ago as 4500 BC. The first types of glass were Obsidian~ aka Volcanic Glass. Obsidian is some pretty potent energy packing stuff that also creates a shield around your aura.

Glass carries the energy of its transformation, the merging of the elements, focus, communication, and rebirth. It’s great for one who is trying to reinvent themselves, overcoming an old to bring something new into their life, closing a chapter and opening a new one.


Glass has a unique ability.


Glass has a reflective property and when you set an intention with it, it can be used to reflect any type of energy back to its sender. When I had the Dallas gallery, I had my large quartz singing bowl next to the glass window facing the mall.

I would play it and the window would reflect the sound back while amplifying the bowl’s healing energy making the sound even louder. It made the experience quite amazing.

Glass is a natural energy amplifier as well as a blocker. It’s a good tool to have on hand when doing energy work (curse reversal especially) and since it is a form of quartz, you can program or set an intention in the glass to reflect the energy and amp up protective energy around you.


Ways To Use Glass Energetically


Mirrors are said to be doorways for demonic or evil entities and I’ve had some unusual experiences with them myself. So what I did was use the mirror itself to seal that doorway shut.

Just take a quartz crystal, cleanse the mirror with your thought energy “I seal this doorway shut” and know that even if you see things in the mirror–they are blocked.

The windows in your home can be used to form protective reflective grids with the properties of glass and quartz.

The glass cups you drink out of can be used to energetically enhance your drink. It’s been scientifically proven that we can manipulate the energy of water itself with our thoughts and intents.

A broken mirror doesn’t have to be bad luck. You can rebuke any curse you think may come.