I simply adore Elon Musk. Not in a romantic sense, but as a role model. And, I kinda consider him a guardian angel. After all, he did share my old blog when I wrote him my open letter and even commented on one of my blog posts that I wrote about him and his beautiful and super talented girlfriend, Grimes, who I also adore.


In June of this year, I randomly asked him what his favorite mineral was. Elon replied, “Iron Pyrite”



What Is Pyrite?


Iron Pyrite is also known as fools gold, but is actually an important ore of gold since both grow together. Some pyrite actually has 0.25% of gold by weight or more. You can read more of that on Geology.com. If you happen to have some with gold in it, I recommend you check out this article if you want to separate it.

Pyrite is bright, shiny and in your face, but many people don’t know much more than that. It’s actually a mix of iron and sulfur (although it doesn’t have that smell). Pyrite occurs in many shapes but is well known for its cubes. It even has the exact chemical formula of Marcasite, which is a rarer mineral, but what sets it apart is it’s crystal system which makes it a different mineral.

Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word, Pyre, which means fire. It was named that because it has been used to create that spark to start a fire.

Pyrite also occurs in a rare form known as a Pyrite Sun which looks like a sand dollar. Some say it’s a fossil, some say it’s not. The only mine, I know of, where these come from is Sparta, IL and is currently closed.



Pyrite in a metaphysical sense is known for protection, prosperity, and energy. It’s a solar plexus chakra gem and many people wear it as jewelry or carry one in their pockets or wallet.  It’s known for shielding against environmental pollutants as well.