Using Jewelry To Fight Negative Self Image

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Using Jewelry To Fight Negative Self Image

Everyone is going through something. The cashier at your grocery store hiding behind a fake smile, the stranger on the train or bus next to you, or the random stranger whose path you find yourself crossing. Society teaches us to hate ourselves. This dress will make you look slimmer. This foundation will smooth your wrinkles. Breast, butt and lip implants will make you look like the perfect woman.

This message is destructive. It takes away your power and makes you powerless. It makes you feel as if you are not important. According to the Park Nicollet Melrose Center, 70% of women of normal weight think they need to be thinner, 80% of 10-year-old girls are terrified of being fat, and even a study among girls in Australia reported that seeing the young and thing models made them feel as if they were not good enough. They’ve gotten their diet info from magazines that put pressure on them to be thin.

The fashion industry seeks to make you better, slimmer, younger looking. The attitude is that it helps you be your best which is perfect according to this industry. Just recently, Bebe Rexa called out the fashion industry because many designers didn’t want to design clothing for her. They claimed that size 8 was too big.

We get so caught up in our day to day lives and we hear that negative voice in the back of our minds, telling us we are not good enough. It highlights our flaws and is proven right when someone scoffs at you. Or in my case last year, when my husband left me. Long story short, I was used in the worst way by him and in one split second, that voice telling me that I was better off dead, won.

I literally had the pills in my hand when one tweet from Elon Musk, a reply to me about my jewelry, literally distracted me because I had my notifications on. And when Elon found out how his tweet saved my life, he went above and beyond being kind. He encouraged me and made me feel like I, a total stranger who he’d never met, mattered to him for a moment.

Today, I am employed full time, have my own apartment and am meeting other goals. I am in a better place than I was a year ago, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have a lot of people, including myself, to thank for that. Elon Musk told me to ‘Believe in good. There’s more bad than the good, so instead of just believing in good, I wish to create good.


What I Am Doing Now To Meet My Goals.

With every jewelry sale, I give some type of free gift. This is an extra the client can give away or keep.  In some cases, I will send jewelry to someone so they can raise funds for whatever it is they are trying to achieve. My landlady also owns a small deli where I sell simple bracelets, rings, and earrings at a low cost to the neighborhood. I am also investing in the stock market and using that as a savings tool.

Patreon is another way I have taken toward meeting my goals. If you don’t know what Patreon is, I will explain briefly:

Patreon is a website where you can micro-invest in an artist, musician or person who does things such as blogging, media, etc. It helps you set up financial goals and also lets you create Tiers or as I call it, Investing Opportunities. You set up a dollar amount and give a prize or reward.

My first goal of $75 a month is almost met. As of this article, I am $9 away from meeting that goal.



5 Investing Opportunites


1. My Thanks. (You invest $1) You get my deepest gratitude and access to Patreon only posts.

2.Blog Supporter. (You Invest $10)  You will get a shout out in the following blog post after your first investment. You can either have your business shouted out or your Twitter page.

3. You Matter Sponsorship (You Invest $20). You Matter is something I promote to remind people that they matter. When Elon commented on my Medium article (and shared my open letter to him in May 2018) he made me feel like I mattered to him. It reminded me that we all have a purpose and this is my goal with my jewelry is to remind you that you matter. This sponsorship includes me writing a blog post about you or your business and listing you on the You Matter page as a sponsor. So far, the few who signed up for this have elected to remain anonymous.

4. Partner. (You Invest $100). This is for anyone who wishes to partner with me. I will do a blog write up about you and your business and promote it often along with my other posts.

5. Diamonds 4 Her Sponsor: D4H is my special jewelry line of custom designed diamond jewelry. I use raw, uncut diamonds and donate 50% of my net profit from each sale towards a nonprofit that helps women in all areas–whether they are homeless or in the startup business. The goal is to empower women. Your monthly investment will cover the cost of creating a piece designed in 14K Gold filled wire each month. You get the option of keeping the jewelry or donating toward a cause of your choice.


My Monthly Goals


1. $75. This covers any Paypal, Etsy, extra shipping (cost of insurance) and other fees as well as my basic internet fees.

2. $150. Along with covering the previous goal, this enables me to run online and blog events, such as monthly giveaways and promoting causes that help people in need or achieve their goals.

3. $350. Along with covering the previous goal, this will help with any on and offline advertising such as Google Ads, printing flyers and local event booth fees.

4. $600. Along with covering the previous goal, this would give me the extra funds need to take off work and do out of town events that would require me to stay overnight.

5. $1000. Along with covering the previous goal, I would be able to invest extra funds into supplies to stock up my jewelry inventory. Once I hit this goal, everyone who is a patreon at this time will also receive a free gift from me.

6. $1500. Along with covering the previous goal, I would be able to start setting back funds to cover business-related fees such as business and wholesale licenses, extra funds for transportation (I don’t own a car).

7. $2000. Along with covering the previous goal, this would cover the cost of setting up a small booth in a local flea market or opening a store–costs such as leasing fees, application fees, insurance (in some cases you do have to have insurance to open a retail booth). These extra funds would help until my jewelry begins to take off locally and then any extra funds will go into the business or other goals such as empowering others via free gifts and holding giveaways.


If you would love to join me on this mission of empowering others, you can start by investing $1  (or any other amount you wish). Click here to invest in my jewelry or learn more. 


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