Tsavorite Is A Rare Green Garnet. 

Back in March, I had a custom order for Tsavorite wrapped in 14K gold. It was my first time working with this rare green Garnet and I simply loved it. 

Tsavorite is a somewhat fragile gem to wrap so you do have to be careful.

I have the small piece that broke off somewhere


I have been fortanute to have worked with this gem twice. Each piece was wrapped with 14K Gold filled wire.


Tsavorite Meanings. 

Tsavorite is a type of grossular garnet which is known to inspire hope, empowerment and bring about that nurturing Earth energy. It’s that bright green that makes one think of the spring time and new life. The minerals in thi mis are a calcium aluminum silicate and it gets its color from chromium and/or vanadium. 

It’s also known as a gem of prosperity that helps one to see that there are truly no limitations except for self-limitations especially when it comes to your health or abundance.

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