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I am writing this blog post because I saw a question on Twitter posed by myy friend, “The Pope.” He created this Pope of Muskanity as a parody response to this article.  He asked a question about Elon Musk regarding the stock price of Tesla. Since I am a shareholder, this definitely applied to me. He said “Retweet if you would still be an Elon fan if Tesla crashed down to $100 next week. Be honest”




So I am being honest. Elon Musk is someone I will always look up to, respect, and admire and has been since 2018–since I discovered who he was.  I wrote him this open letter linked to my old jewelry blog and he not only read it, but shared it. That was life-changing for me. 

The best advice anyone has ever given me besides my mother who taught me to always fight back when someone attacks (don’t start the fight but finish it,) or Daryl who taught me the art of wire wrapping jewelry and became like a father to me, was the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company and Neuralink: Elon Musk

The advice he gave me while I was at a pretty low time in my life was golden. UPDATE: The Twitter account that he replied to @JohnnaCrider1 is no longer accessible to me since Twitter locked me out of that account and suspended it. I’m now using an old one that I had before starting JohnnaCrider1.



“Love this from P&P: “One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it.” Reminds me so of my Nana, who was very stern & strict & yet kindest of all. Believe in good.”–Elon Musk

I didn’t understand at the time, but he was encouraging me to believe in not just myself, but that there is still good out there. Bad things happen to good people and we have the choice to either persevere or to wither away.

I had just been dumped by my husband of 5 years and my self esteem was nonexistent. I’d wanted to die even–and I needed something to believe in.  When Elon responded to me, I chose to believe in him while also vowing  to myself that I would somehow survive. 

There’s another backstory to that–I almost did take my life. Right when my ex kicked me out of our home, I’d written this open letter to Elon Musk thanking him for not giving up. This mentally was something I was clinging on to and he saw the letter and shared it. 

That share financially saved me. So I thanked him. I was taking a very bad step–about to end my life when Elon responded to me at that exact moment. Coming to my senses, I moved back to my home state and it took a month or so for me to process things and write out my emotions and thoughts. 

I organized them into this Medium article that Elon Musk responded to on Twitter. He encouraged me and I will never, ever forget his kindness. 

After all, out of all the people in the world out there, Elon Musk encouraged me and in a very public way that wound up helping me. I will never, ever forget his kindness. I slowly rebuilt my life, but there were painful moments that I had to overcome. Reminding myself that the CEO of SpaceX, of all people on this planet, encouraged me was a major confidence boost. 


Elon Musk


That was hard, but I got through the worst of it. I have my own apartment, a small jewelry business that is doing well, and am working from home as a writer for CleanTechnica, an EV and cleantech news blog. I’d always wanted a writing job and that is literally a dream job for me. I write articles about Tesla, the environment and hope that I can help make an impact with my words. Words have power, after all. 

“Every time we speak, its magic,”

–Inner Space


I love making jewelry and am doing a few events here and there, have grown my mineral collection and am even a mother to a kitten. I’ve even preordered a Tesla Cybertruck. I am a small-time shareholder in one of the most valuable companies on this planet and it’s not valuable because of its money, but because of what it is doing. That first share of Tesla stock was something I worked really hard at saving up for and I will hold it for as long possible. 

Tesla just isn’t an electric car, it’s changing the entire auto industry. It’s barely 16 years old and has impacted the auto industry. If Tesla were a person, it would be Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old who believed in her cause to the point that she inspired millions of her peers.  If Tesla were a person, they would have been at Greta’s side, cheering her on. 

 Elon Musk is one of the world’s most important people on this planet. Some think he is some random billionaire wasting his funds on a Martian dream but in reality, those billions are something he got from his hard work. 

When he came to America, he had only $2,000 to his name. Today, he is one of the worlds’ richest CEOs and unlike Bezos or the others, he is one of the kindest people I have not yet met but hope to one day meet. 



There are three things that Elon has said that really resonate with me. In 2018, what drove me to follow him was his saying “Never give up”. That’s what inspired me to write that open letter. 

Also in 2018, his telling me to “Believe in good” was encouraging me that yes, there are still good people out there and it’s okay to believe in the good. That is is safe to believe in good. It’s okay to still believe in the good despite all the bad that has been done to us. 

In 2020, Elon Musk released a song, “Don’t doubt ur vibe” and the message is clear: do not doubt yourself. Sure, it is a fun EDM song that triggered a lot of mixed reviews, but if you really pay close attention to the lyrics, Elon is telling you not to doubt yourself. I wrote a review on his song here. 

Elon Musk is the type of person who, by his actions, show you how to believe in yourself despite all the bullies, odds, or challenges. He faces online bullying everyday on Twitter–by trolls and people who call themselves TeslaQ (it means bankrupt Tesla) and these people are actively advocating for Tesla to fail. 

Despite all of that, Elon is not only thriving, but he is enjoying life. He has a baby on the way with his talented girlfriend, Grimes, whose music influence him to write that EDM song, and he is making headway on his goals to get us to Mars. 

If I could be like anyone, it would be Elon Musk–not for his lifestyle or wealth, but his mentality. He never gave up on himself and is kind to those of us who interact with him on Twitter. He isn’t just some random billionaire sitting on his wealth as some would have you believe. He is a kind-hearted soul who simply wants to leave our planet in a better state than when he came to it.