I have a lot of love for Tesla and anything else Elon Musk does so I am starting a weekly #MineralMonday blog segment dedicated to Tesla by featuring a matching gem and mineral to a colored Tesla. Please note that unless otherwise stated, the photos are not mine.  I’m a blogging about the minerals I’ve tweeted about in my Twitter Moment, Tesla Rocks.





Raw morganite wrapped by Johnna Crider


Morganite is the pink to purplish variety of the mineral Beryl which is known for it’s gemstone varieties such as Emerald, Aquamarine and Heliodor. Morganite is rare, and is actually the least common variety of Beryl besides rare red Beryl (Bixbite).   It’s name honors J.P. Morgan (yes that J. P. Morgan) and it was discovered in 1910.

It also has other nicknames such as Rose Beryl, Pink Emerald, and is often mistaken for Rose Quartz, Pink Topaz or Pink Tourmaline which is a bit darker than Morganite.


Metaphysical Properties


Morganite, like Rose Quartz, is a gemstone of love. It helps heal all love and emotional related issues and teaches you to focus on loving yourself first. After all, how can you love others without first, loving yourself? It’s also a gem that encourages patience while maintaining a sense of serenity and happiness.

Many of the pink gems of any mineral are considered love stones and Morganite vibes well with all of them especially Pink Tourmaline.


The video below is a QVC video but it shows you what the gem looks like and also the raw, uncut mineral looks like as well. Enjoy!


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