I love Tesla just as much as I love crystals and minerals and gems. So I bring them together in my Tesla Rocks series where I compare a Tesla car to a mineral.

So what is this bright blue mineral?  Is this a natural color for the gem? Is it manmade or natural?

It’s name is Greek in origins meaning copper flower. It’s a deep blue-green mineral that is water-soluble–meaning it will melt in water-and it’s also a sulfate mineral.

It’s also toxic due to it’s high amount of copper content. So don’t drink it. This stone melts in humid climates. So if I add it to my collection, I will probably have to keep it in the freezer during the hot, humid, South Louisiana summers.

It’s also kind of like the Phoenix, yet with water instead of fire. It crystallizes, dissolves, and recrystallizes as a crust over any mine surface in more humid climates. Pretty cool.

I want to give a quick shout out to the owner of the header photo who is selling the stones in the photo, here.