This was a dreamy piece for me to design. I started with copper and wrapped copper into a coil around it to make it thicker. Then I shaped it into a triangle.

Once the shape was set I lined it on the inside with selenite by weaving the copper around it–a silvery plated copper that will fade to copper over time.

The inside beads are from the top left: titanium quartz druzy, jade, titanium hematite or aura hematite, top right: Obsidian, pyrite and amethyst.

What Does The Triangle Mean?


A triangle is a three sided polygon that represents the number 3. Point up represents a strong foundation or a tree that is rooted into the earth as she raises her branches up.

The number 3 represents divine protection. Before I got into working with crystals, I was followed by the number 111. Which when added up (although they say you can’t add up master numbers) equaled to 3.

The number 3 also represents optimism, joy, communication and happiness. Number 3 helps you to have more faith in yourself during hard times. Ruled by Venus, this number helps you to be more happier.

Each side of the triangle can represent mind, body, spirit, past, present, future, the Holy Trinity, any number of things.


The Stones Used In This Design


Selenite: is a crystal that attracts angelic energy and resonates with your crown chakra. It repels negative energy and removes hooks from the aura.

Titanium Quartz Druzy: is a crystal that increases your life force energy, heals the aura and helps you tap into your intuition. A form of quartz, it amplifies the other crystals with it and the pendant as a whole.

Jade: is a heart chakra stone that opens your heart to divine love and attracts good luck and abundance as well as health.

Rainbow Hematite: dispels negativity while connecting you to the earth’s energy. Also helps you tap into your intuition.

Obsidian: grounds and protects against all forms of negative energy. Creates a shield of protection around you.

Pyrite: Backs up the Obsidian’s shield with it’s own shield while also incorporating the fire element of protection, abundance and life force energy.

Amethyst: Protects against psychic attack and calms the mind. This lovely mineral also soothes the spirit and balances the crown chakra.


Using This Talisman

This particular one is used for a variety of things including divine protection, balancing the chakras and clearing the aura. Simply wear it and it will create a shield around you that is enhanced with the sacred energy of the number 3 which is represented by the triangle.

I can also make other varieties as custom orders with your pick of beads and metal.