Back to topic: Selenite is almost like light itself took a mineral form.

It seems to have this inner etheral glow that just soothes the eyes when you look upon it.

It’s one of my favorite minerals to get creative with as it is fragile, yet easily manageable when making jewelry or wands with it.

Selenite Is Such A Serene Stone

Also known as Satin Spar, Selenite is a variety of the mineral, gypsum. Selenite occurs in many forms, but most comonly are these long wand like forms like you see in the photo to the left. Actually in that photo, I used to have a store in Dallas.

Long story short I met an artist who owned the store and she would let me do my thing and manage the store. It was a win-win until the mall closed. I’m still friends with her and she has another store in Plano called Skypony Gallery.

Selenite can be used to create lamps, candle holders, and other creative household items with. It’s also great when used as jewelry (I can make some!) as it draws of negative energy. The name Selenite comes from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. The mineral has that ethereal vibe to it and when one is carved into a lamp, that vibe is amplified by the light glowing from within. 

Selenite For Sale

I have a few Selenite items in my online store, and have plenty on hand to make custom jewelry. 

Let's Get Stoned in 2020!

Let’s Get Stoned! 2020 is a new ebook that isn’t an ebook. It used to be but I am doing something really cool with it.

I wanted to create something interactive–something that you would enjoy more than just downloading a file, reading through it and then forgetting about it.

So instead of making a file, I decided to host the actual book on my blog and make it interactive in monthly chapters. This means that every month, there is an update with gems and minerals that I have in my collection or have worked with–things that I don’t share on the blog.

And I’m GivingAway  Free Access!

All you have to do is subscribe. Your email will not be used for promotional products (jewelry sales, new posts etc,) but only for the updates to Let’s Get Stoned! 2020.

Also, if you sign up before Mardi Gras, you’re automatically entered into my Carnival Giveaway in which I am giving away an Amethyst Pendant.

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I can make something for you

I wire wrap gems and minerals into jewelry with precious or base metals such as copper or 14K Gold filled wire. There are three steps that you take: choose a style, select a stone, and pick your metal. Download the brochure for more information or to place an order.