The Seer Stone: A Journey into the Soul



Let me take you on a journey into your inner self. Explore the past, the present, and create your own future. What you see may or may not come to pass. It is up to you. Close your eyes and focus on your breath to still your mind and let us travel into the realm of knowing.

There are two main types of Seer stones that I know of. There are the Window Quartz which is a quartz crystal point with a diamond window, and also the river rocks. The one in the photo is a river quartz.

Seer stones have been used as a way for shamans, fortunetellers and psychics to predict the future. Even the Latter Day Saints once used it. Click here for more info on that.

There’s hardly any info on the web about Seer stones. What are the properties? What do they do? What are they made of?

I can answer a few of those questions.

Seer stones are made up of clear quartz. True you have the Window Quartz which also helps you discover your soul’s purpose in this life time, but other than that they all are known for helping you go within to make unique self discoveries. Simply gaze into the stone as you  meditate.

Not only does Seer stone have the same metaphysical properties or magical properties as clear Quartz, but it also will help you focus on getting into that state for meditation. It will take you on a long, long journey–deep inside your own soul.

As with every unique crystal and gem, the Seer stone has it’s own guardian and the stone will come to you when it is meant for you to learn something.