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Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the planet and it’s made up of silicon dioxide. The mineral class simply means the chemical composition of a mineral and quartz is classed as a silicate. It is also widely known as the ‘Master Healer.’

This lovely crystal has a hardness of 7 and a triagonal crystal system. Quartz is a mineral that can be used to open all of your chakras and works well with any of the zodiac signs. As you know, we all have birthstones that help us with our energy. In fact we all have more than just one birthstone.

One of the cool things about quartz is that it actually amplifies energy (magnifying it and making it stronger) and you can actually program it like you would a computer and it would amp up your intention.




Everything is an energetic frequency (think microwaves) and we interact with these frequencies daily. This is why, in my opinion, that it is known as the ‘Master Healer.’ In fact, quartz also amplifies your thought energy. Thoughts are very powerful and as Prince Ea said, “Everything you see around you was once a thought,”

Some of the physical issues that working with quartz can help out with are heartburn, kidneys, memory and pain. I have personally experienced this when I used quartz to make a brace for my injured arm last year when I tore a muscle. Of course, when you have any illness or injury, it’s best to go to your doctor.

Crystals just help speed up the healing. I also used other minerals such as copper and hematite, but quartz actually amplified the energetic properties of the healing minerals and my arm healed in less than 3 months which is comparably fast for a torn muscle.

Emotional issues that quartz helps with is primarily stabilizing your emotions and adding in harmony and joy. Again, it amps up energy so when you set an intention (I am going to have a good day today) it will magnify it. But remember, it’s just a receiver and amplifier of the energy you put out.

With healing, quartz helps with toothaches, sleep and vertigo. And spiritually, it reminds you to focus on your happiness and joy and to meditate. Some really awesome affirmations to meditate on while working with quartz are:

I am whole

I am at peace

I am energized

I am grateful for all the joy in my life

I am happy

The quartz crystals below are images provided by Thyme Keepers Limited and you can purchase them via their website.

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