Tranquillityite Pendant in Copper—reversible

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This tranquillityite is wrapped with copper. 

This Tranquillityite Comes From Australia

Tranquillityite Info

  • Brought back from the Apollo missions from the Sea of Tranquility
  • Forms thin stripe up to 15 x 65 micrometers in size in basaltic rocks.
  • The analyzed samples from the Apollo Mission had up to 1% of uranium, rare-earth elements, niobium, yttrium, aluminum,  chromium, and manganese.
  • The uranium is what helped scientists estimate the age of tranquillityite--3710 million years old!
  • Terrestrial tranquillityite was found in Australia in 2011. 
  • Until 2011, Tranquillityite was through to only originate from the moon. 
  • Tranquilityite was also found in Martian meteorites. 

The rocks in Australia where Tranquillityite was found are called dolerites and are billions of years old. 

I tested both my short wave and long wave UV lights on this piece and it did not fluoresce so I am not sure how much, if any, Uranium is in this particular piece.