Rare Trolleite Wrapped in Copper with Silver Accent


Trolleite is a rare phosphate mineral that is a mix of quartz, lazulite, and scorzalite. It has a monoclinic crystal system and varies from deep blue, green to gray. Trolleite is known to connect with you on a cellular level to bring ancient wisdom and memory into focus.

This would enable you to heal from fear, anger pain that you may have inherited genetically.¬†Science even backs up the idea that epigenetic memories are passed down for at least 14 generations. That’s 14 generations of your ancestors’ emotions stored in your DNA.

This lovely mineral got its name from the Swedish chemist who discovered it, Hans Gabriel Troll-Wachmeister. The blue in this mineral is mostly lazulite and scorzalite.

This pendant comes with a cord, ready to wear.

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