Custom Pendant Deal in 14K Gold

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Custom Pendant Deal

Please note that the images on the left are NOT the product but examples of my work. This product has not been made yet as it is a custom design.

This deal includes the price of the gemstone or mineral, the cost of shipping it to me and me making it into a pendant with your choice of 14K Gold-Filled or 14K Rose Gold filled wire.. This will need around 10-15 business days for completion. I have to order the gem and have it shipped to me, make the piece and send it to you.

You have several stones to choose from for your pendant. To make the choice, simply go through the check out option and in the  “order notes” simply tell me which stone you would prefer. If you do not do this, don’t worry I will email you and ask you. Stones will be added as more become available that fit this price range.

Scroll down for the list of available stones.



Choose A Gemstone or Mineral For Your Pendant

Please note that the size and shape of the gems will vary due to availability from my supplier. 

Faceted Citrine- a beautiful Citrine gemstone that has been cut and faceted. Citrine is all about wealth, energy, abundance and joy. It’s a happy gemstone that energizes the solar plexus chakra.


Black Star Diopside–is a gem that grounds and heals all energy. It’s has a good connection with earth energy while also protecting against negative energy.


Lapis Lazuli--a gem that is known for psychic protection and helping one to access their gifts. It’s deep blue color has been called Azure by Marco Polo.


Tsavorite Garnet–a rare green variety of Garnet that is a gem for the heart chakra and invites love and joy.


Chrysocolla--a stone that is calming and links both the heart and throat chakra. It is known to help you express your divine truth in a peaceful way. Our words have power for those around us.


Green Fluorite– opens the heart chakra and instills love. Helps enhance our gifts and to bring order out of chaos.


Faceted Carnelian–protects against negative energy and energizes the sacral chakra. Carnelian is known for inspiring creative energy and was used in protection rituals by the Ancient Egyptians.


Turquoise–helps improve your mental state and increases creativity, calmness, empathy and positive thinking. Also known for protection against negativity and envy.


Faceted Rose Quartz–This one is faceted and cut in the Asscher cut and availability is limited. Be sure to have a backup stone selected just in case my supplier has sold out. If it’s sold out I will let you know via email before I purchase your backup gem. Rose quartz is all about divine love and loving yourself.


Faceted Black Spinel--is a protective gem that repels all negative energy while grounding the wearer. It helps one to let go of anger and resentment.



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