How To Be More Self Confident


Hi, my name is Johnna and I struggle with self-confidence. I realize now that it’s not something you are born with but something you are taught. Many of us aren’t taught how to be more confident and we go through life with the mentality of worthlessness that permeates our subconscious. 

The way we can change this is with the realization that our brains are computers, after all. As with computers, we can reprogram ourselves to be more confident. This is something I’ve been doing since my divorce in 2018 and it’s been quite a journey. 

I’m still on that journey and it wasn’t until a friend told me, “Wow, you have come far, Johnna! You are more confident now and full of positivity!. How is it that you are so positive all of the time?” “I’m not, I told her--I go through it, too, but, you’ve got to literally reprogram your mind to believe in yourself. You have to empower yourself. 

This is why I created, “I Am A Gem.” Originally it was a fun tee shirt idea as a simple reminder of my own self-worth--along with a cute graphic on a tee-shirt. After that conversation with my friend, I realized that so many people need to hear that message. 

We all need to learn how to reprogram ourselves to be more self-confident. I’m going to share, in this free guide what I’ve been doing. This includes your own meditation script that you can record and listen to at night before bed. This is really important. It may feel weird, but if you look at it as if you are programming yourself to be more self-confident, it won’t feel as weird. 

I invite you to join me on this journey and build yourself up. I am a gem--someone of value, and so are you.  Simply fill out the form below.