$15 Wire Wrapped Crystal Bracelets


Affordable Gem, Mineral & Crystal Bracelets

One of the things I love to make are these cute wire wrapped crystal bracelets with either copper or brass! Not only are these affordable, but I made each one with real gemstones and minerals. 



Made with Durability In Mind

Compared to typical stretchy cord bracelets, these last much, much longer and are not as expensive. Crystal bracelets made with breakable stretchy material not only break easily, but cost more. I've paid over $25 for one on more than one occasion. 



What People Are Saying About My Work

Mitsah added some custom earrings and rings to her bracelet order and shared her review on Facebook. 



Michelle, who lives in South Korea, shared an unboxing video of the jewelry she ordered from me--two pieces were the $15 crystal bracelets. 




Only $15 For Unique Handmade Bracelets



Each bracelet is handmade with a variety of crystal and gemstone beads such as Shungite, Amethyst, Citrine, Jet and so much more. Although this sale isn't going away, no two bracelets are alike--well maybe a couple of chakra bracelets are. 

But I enjoy the creative flow with my work and I often find unique gems and minerals at great prices and I love making these bracelets.