Martian Gemstones


photo by universe today

Mars has several gems and minerals on it–all planets do, but when you think of gemstones from other planets you kinda feel awed. In fact many people probably don’t think about gems and minerals on other planets, but meteorites do come from space and people wear them as jewelry all the time.

Playing around on the internet today, I discovered NASA images of precious Opal deposits on Mars.

I would love to wrap a Martian opal! That would be pretty cool. So if there’s a billionaire browsing my blog here, hint hint!

Seriously though, I’ve talked about Hematite on Mars, and the rare gem from the moon, Tranquillityite, but now I’m curious about other gem and mineral deposits on Mars. 

According to ancient Sumerian legends, we humans weren’t created by God, but by people from the sky–the same beings who also inhabited Mars. 

If this were true, then what gem would be an Earth gem and what gem would be a Martian gem? Would we really know? Because I am sure if there were people going from Earth to Mars, Enki probably would have brought souvenirs to all his favorite human friends on Earth.  

Opal, which happens to be a water based gem (it needs water to be created) being found on Mars suggests one thing: There is water on Mars. Somewhere.  


UPDATE: NASA found Water on Mars!

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I can make something for you

I wire wrap gems and minerals into jewelry with precious or base metals such as copper or 14K Gold filled wire. There are three steps that you take: choose a style, select a stone, and pick your metal. Download the brochure for more information or to place an order.