Free Chapter of Nibiruan Storm

by Johnna Crider

In a world where the Annunaki have returned to Earth to rule, a gifted martial artist barely escapes with her life from the clutches of a serial killer.

With the aid of her unique elemental gifts, help from the FBI, Aine Danann seeks refuge in the Annunaki’s capital city: Nibiru City.

However, things don’t go as planned when it is discovered that someone within the FBI is helping the killer. Aine also gets caught off guard when she encounters a mysterious Nibiruan stranger whose dominating beauty and presence becomes too impossible to ignore.

Aine, captivated by the otherworldly stranger, becomes his obsession. He seeks to unravel her secrets and find out who or what she is fighting.

Struggling with balancing her emotions, dealing with grief and staying alive, Aine puts her BFA in Fine Arts to good use by helping the LAPD as a forensic artist and working with the FBI to catch the killer.

This book is for audiences 18 and over.