While in Atlanta last year, I stumbled onto this goddess of a gem.

It’s a mix of Galena, Pyrite, and clear Calcite. Actually I think its Chalcopyrite because pyrite isn’t usually that bright. But I was told it was Pyrite when I got it.



What Is Galena?

Galena is the main ore of lead, which is toxic. Galena is actually safe to handle (just don’t breathe in the dust or make a gem elixir with it and you’ll be fine) It has an isometric crystal system and may contain silver, copper, arsenic, and antimony.

When collecting Galena, you have to take extra care of it because it will get dull after exposure to air so I will keep mine in it’s little box. It’s also very fragile and you don’t want it to shatter because it will create dust which is toxic. So please handle with care.

Galena is also an ore of silver since some specimens contain up to 20% of silver.

Galena is known to be a grounding stone that promotes healing by helping you to center your energy (ground).

According to BBC Earth, Galena can also extract music and voices from radio waves which is really cool.

β€œIn a crystal radio set, a fine metal wire known as a β€œcat’s whisker” rests delicately on the surface of a galena crystal. This combination allows current to pass easily in one direction but not the other. This converts the oscillating radio waves picked up by an antenna into an electric signal that can be transformed into sound by speakers.” β€”BBC Earth