I had a blast over Mother’s Day when I went to Atlanta to visit friends, family and check out the gems and mineral show up in Marietta. I even got to meet my biological sister, Ashley, for the first time and we are a lot alike.

But we know that’s not why you stopped here–you came for the goods and I am delivering.

At 3 AM Eastern time, or somewhere in that area, I was stuck at the Garnett Station Greyhound waiting on my bus and decided to post a thread of all the videos I had of the gems and mineral show–including the hyalite ones.


I started the thread off by tagging Elon Musk because he sometimes sees my tweets about minerals and likes them.  The video is of gemstone dice.  The second one below it is of what I thought was Vanadanite or it could have been a dark citrine. They didn’t have labels.



These were some cool gem massage wands. A lot of Reiki practitioners and massage therapists use these.  

I love Singing quartz. These are little quartz crystals that make a chime sound when they are gently rubbed together.


Photos: Ajoite, Amethyst with a huge chunk of meteorite, and Obsidian knives. Also some more gemstone dice.  

I believe these are yooperlite, but am not sure. Yooperlites are a type of sodalite that was discovered in 2018. These gems glow under uv light.

A quick view of the bottom level and also a view of the top level where I was at. The guy chillin is where I got my first purchase of the day from: a lovely copper specimen in a carbonate mineral (pics down at the bottom).  

I was dazzled by these gems. Actually picked up some labradorite from this vendor and almost bought the cubic zirconium ‘white ice’ gem. It sparkled beautifully in the light.


Another video of the gems that dazzled me.

Tons of titanium quartz specimens and crystals.

I misspelled it in the tweet, but Chalcanthite is on the Forbes list of 9 Deadliest Rocks and Minerals. Had I have known about that the day I saw this lovely gem, I would have snagged it. However, I was on the hunt for Hyalite, a gem that’s not so deadly even though it does have traces of uranium in it.  

I was talking with my adopted Mom, Denise, (Her husband taught me how to wire wrap and they got me into stones) and she says it looks like a whole city in that stone. She’s right, it does.


Pyrite cubes are cool!

Dioptase is a lovely shade of green and is often confused with the rare Diopside.


This chunk of Hyalite did not come home with me.  

I did find a small specimen that glowed brilliantly under the UV black light. Also, would like to give a shout out here to Volunteer Gems, for giving me a small UV Blacklight flashlight.


I also picked up these lovely gems. Specularite Hematite looks like the night sky. And the copper specimen in carbonate mineral.



Also, the lady I met last year who sold me my Ajoite recognized me and cut me an awesome deal for these three beauties.



I had such a fun time in Atlanta visiting friends and family as well as this awesome gem show and can’t wait to go back next year! Also, I plan to make goodies with those Ajoites and the labradorites I picked up as well.

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