Custom Jewelry Design

How It Works

You choose the style, stone, and the metal and I make it.


Do you want a pendant, ring, necklace or a pair of earrings? Perhaps you want a crown or an anklet. 


Do you want a cut, faceted gemstone or would you prefer something earthy and more carnal?


Copper is the lowest priced option, however there are those who prefer silver or even gold filled. Solid gold, white gold and platinum are also options. 

Custom Designed

Custom designed means that you had a hand in making this piece. You chose the stone, style and metals and I wrap this into a wearable piece of art just for your.

I do not solder, but instead, I wire wrap. I don’t work with any sort of fire or heat.

The graph below shows estimates of pricing before the cost of a gem or mineral is added. These prices are subject to change due the fluctuation of the metal markets. 

To get started on your order or request a design quote, fill out the form below.