The World’s 2nd Rarest Mineral



When I moved to Arlington back in 2012, a DFW suburb, I stumbled upon this gem of a store. The owner, Trey, is super friendly and knows his stuff when it comes to gems and minerals.

Trey does it all: he wire wraps, solders, cuts gems and minerals shaping them into cabs (cabachons for those of you who are not nerds like me) facets gems like emerald and diamonds.

One day, I went over to Power of The Rainbow to pick out a moonstone for a commission. And maybe a couple of extras to wrap and sell. Trey and I got to talking about Phenakite and, yes, I’m gonna make some earrings, but he pulled out this little, tiny, almost microscopic piece that had a name so huge.

This piece, he told me, would sell for about $300ish on the market. He was selling it for $50. Why? Because Trey is the type of person who, when he gets  good deal, he makes sure he passes that on to his customers. I’ve learned since, that that’s the way to be in any market.

Anyway, Trey was kind enough to let me take a couple of photos of the Jeremejevite and blog about it. This is the updated version of that post.  Who knows? One of you may want that $50 piece for your collection if he still has it.

What IS It and How Do You Say It?


What is Jeremejevite besides a super long name? Pronounced ye-REM-ay-ev-ite, (Yes I had trouble so I shortened it to J-vite), Jeremejevite  is a colorless, sky blue, or pale yellow stone.

Jeremejevite is a rare aluminium borate mineral with variable fluoride and hydroxide ions. Its chemical formula is Al6B5O15(F,OH)3.

The highest quality comes from Namibia. In nature it occurs in small obelisk-shaped crystals and has in the past been mistaken for Aquamarine. It was named after Russian mineralogist  Pavel Jeremejev, who discovered the mineral in 1883.

Jeremejevite has a high vibration and can be used to help manifest second-sight in order to provide the capability of “future telling”. It helps to understand life and complete and follow through with decisions.

Jeremejevite recognizes resolved courses of action is error free–in other words: no regrets for past mistakes. Move on.

Jeremejevite is used to dispel complexes (superiority, inferiority, etc) to lessen sorrow and stimulate insight to understand the conditions which produced the sorrow so one can eliminate regret.

Healing Properties

Jeremejevite is excellent in assisting one to progress through changes. It can be used to encourage orderly progression in the growth and maturity of the physical body and to eliminate disorganized cellular growth.

Even though I have my own little rock shop in Houston, you should definitely check out Power of the Rainbow if you ever get to Arlington.

If you would like to view more of their collection or contact them about purchasing Jeremejevite, click here to visit their website. Also, be sure to Like them on Facebook.