Your Space

Right Now

Is Constantly Protecting You. 

Your personal space, or your aura, is like an electromagnetic field just for you and you need to care for it like you would your physical body. 

Think Of It As A Filter

We are all energetic beings. Every day, we are unknowingly scanning, connecting, and linking with one another on an energetic level. Sometimes energy isn’t so great. An example of this is if a person you don’t like for some reason comes by and they leave a ‘bad taste’ in the air. 

That taste, or feeling is a result of their aura touching yours and leaving something behind–something that you don’t need, nor want. 


Sacred Space Is Vital


But when you are on the go, it can be difficult to get to. This is why you need to learn to create an on the go sacred space kit that will turn you into your own sacred space. This could be something you wear or put in your purse or pocket to remind you to take five and breathe. Breathing is how you start cleaning the clutter out of your aura.


The truth is, you already have a sacred space–every person, thing and animal on this planet does. Its our auras. However, having a sacred space in your living environment that you can go to to feel safe, secure and cleanse your aura is vital for your overall wellbeing.

Many people don’t do this and for thsoe who do, we sometimes find ourselves facing situations outside of our homes–situations that require immediate action that would protect and cleanse our auras.

Jewelry is one of the most common tools used in protection and manifesting, but you can also learn to use to cleanse your aura continuously as well. Crystals such as Citrine and Selenite are both self cleansing and wearing them will help your aura to stay cleansed.

Protect Your Aura On The Go

The best way to do this is to prepare a medicine bag for your purse or pocket. I personally keep mine small because I sometimes opt to go without a purse. I hate carryng things. My go to are these items: 

A chakra balancing neckace (get one here)

2-3 crystals that ground protect, infuse love and cleanse:

  • Black tourmaling-protection and grounding. Clears out EMFs
  • Rose quartz-divine love
  • Selenite-can be used as a wand to direct energy, cleanse your aura and draw off attached entities. 

I also have an essential oil roller bottle that I made myself. I bought the bottle filled with rose quartz chips from Bohemian Cove, a lovely little shop here in Baton Rouge and added a blend of frankinsense for clarity of the mind with jasmine and sandalwood–both resonate with the energies of love and protection. 

The last thing is an Orgonite obelisk with a Reiki symble carved into it. This can also be used to draw off negative energy and it transmutes negative energy, balances the aura and is based on Dr. Wilhem’s Reich’s research

Handmade Chakra Jewelry

I make chakra balancing pendants with copper and healing crystal beads. Pendants are my top sellars, but I can also make something custom for those who have specific needs. I love making and creating with crystals because I feel that is one of the things I was made to do–to create jewelry that empowers people.

If you are interested in having something uniquely made for you at a low cost, download my pricing guide below. The guide also has a way you can place an order or request a quote.

Handmade healing crystal jewelry

Aquamarine Pendants $12.50

Aquamarine is a gem for the throat chakra and has a soothing energy. It calms, protects, and embraces the aura with that serene vibe. 

Labradorite Pendants $10

Labradorite gems are known as the bringer of the light. They are protective of the aura and help one to tap into their gifts. 

Chakra Balancing Pendants $12.50

These are made with copper and dyed howlite beads. Howlite is a crystal that promotes peace of mind and calmness. Each color has it’s own vibration that helps balance the chakra while infusing the energy with that of the howlite.

Healing Crystal Bracelets $10

Each bracelet is made with healing crystals that help with various things. 

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Hi, I’m Johnna

I’m an artist from Shreveport, LA who learned the art of wire wrapping gems and minerals into jewelry from Grammy winning musician, Daryl Thompson, who became like a father to me.

He is the one who intrudoced me to the healing world of crystals and I have been learning every since.

This world is ancient but can be applied to modern day times. 

My life is hectic–I work from home, am mothering a kitten who almost died, and am living the life of my dreams.

However, we always have to stay grounded and what keeps me grounded is working with the healing gifts of the mineral kingdom to create something.

Every single one of my jewelry designs has a person that is meant just for it.