This is a very common question that I was asked every day when I had my jewelry store.  People would come in to purchase jewelry or crystals and I cleanse them for them but, like your hair, gemstones need their maintenance, too.

Energy is like germs. Everyone has them–both good and bad energy. When you touch something, you leave something behind.

Imagine the stone you are holding. Now think of how many people have touched it. The miners, the guy who tumbled them, the one who polished it, the buyers and sellers and more buyers and sellers before it finally got to the salesperson who sold it to you–and let’s not forget other customers who picked it up and put it back down.

So yeah, they need a good cleanse before you use them. Some stones amplify bad and good energy, some absorb it and don’t work as great until they are cleared, and some even cleanse themselves.

Clearing Methods

The way I clear my crystals is with a singing bowl or with sage and the reason why is because some are toxic if mixed with water (Malachite) or some may melt (Selenite).

However, most crystals such as quartz are fine when cleaning with running water and you can easily clean Malachite with the indirect water method by setting it in a glass cup and setting that cup in a glass bowl of water.

If you have rice on hand, put the rice in a bowl and put your stones on top of the rice. Just don’t eat the rice. Leave it overnight and toss out the rice.

You can also bury your crystals (many people leave them buried at least 30 days).

Another favorite way that I use to cleanse my crystals is with sage. I simply smudge them and of course, the sage will purify the stone and my own aura and the space around me.

You can also set your crystals on a quartz cluster for clearing or also use a loud bell.

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