The Elements Meet The Soul

Jewelry by Johnna

Citrine: Energizing Gem of Abundance

Citrine Pendants in Silver

Citrine is a gem that vibes with the energy of abundance, vitality, growth, joy, and creativity.It is known to help you get more creative and aid in expressing yourself creatively

This gem energizes not just the solar plexus chakras, but all of them. Citrine is also a self-cleansing gem meaning that it clears negative energy constantly.

This comes with cord ready to wear. These gems are wrapped with Argentium Silver.

Labradorite: Bringer of Light

Labradorite Pendants

Labradorite is a gem that is known as the bringer of light. It helps you to embrace your gifts while protecting from negative energy.

Aquamarine: A Soothing Gem


Aquamarine is a stone of serenity and communication. It ranges from green to blue. These blue variety of aquamarines are wrapped in copper and each come with a cord ready to wear.

Jewelry $10 and Under

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Chakra Balancing Is Vital

Chakras are our energy centers for our bodies and each one has a unique function. These chakra pendants are made with love and with the intention of balancing. I designed them with copper and each come with a cord ready to wear.

Please note that I have very few of these left and have supplies already ordered to make more. 

Chakra Balancing Pendants $9

These are made with copper and dyed howlite beads. Howlite is a crystal that promotes peace of mind and calmness. Each color has it’s own vibration that helps balance the chakra while infusing the energy with that of the howlite. Each pendant comes with a cord ready to wear.

Throat Chakra Pendant $6

Its made with four beads: Clear Quartz to amplify good energy and provide all-around good juju, Chrysocolla, which is a heart and throat chakra stong for love, communication and peace of mind and two Sodalite beads for communication, protection and all-around good vibes.

Heart Chakra Pendant $9

This pendant was created with the heart chakra in mind. Our heart is how we connect with others and sometimes needs some extra TLC. From the top: Pyrite for protection, Dyed Agate (pink) for love, Rose Quartz for self-love, another Dyed Agate (pink) for love and Green Jade for love, health and abundance. This pendant comes with a cord ready to wear.


What People Are Saying About My Jewelry

Your Aura Is Your Sacred Space

But when you are on the go, it can be difficult to get to. This is why you need to learn to create an on the go sacred space kit that will turn you into your own sacred space. This could be something you wear or put in your purse or pocket to remind you to take five and breathe. Breathing is how you start cleaning the clutter out of your aura.

Get Something Custom Designed

Custom designed means that you had a hand in making this piece. You chose the stone, style and metals and I wrap this into a wearable piece of art just for your. I do not solder, but instead, I wire wrap. I don’t work with any sort of fire or heat.

You Choose The Style





You Choose The Stone




You Choose The Metal



14K Gold filled

Solid Gold/Platinum/other

The Price and Cost

There are two ways I price and also how I work with clients. First, I make my prices high enough to cover the cost of making the jewelry while keeping the price you pay affordable. The other way I work with clients is that they tell me what they want and their budget.

For example, if you want a ruby pendant in 14K Gold and under $200, this gives me something to work with when it comes to finding the ruby that meets that criteria. The graph below is my basic pricing guide for custom jewelry without the cost of the gemstone added in. This gives you a base starting price of my work.

When it comes to silver, I usually buy Argentium due to its resistance to tarnish, but Sterling Silver is available upon request for the same base price.


These prices are subject to change due the fluctuation of the metal markets. All custom jewelry orders are non-refundable due to the cost of materials.

When it comes to custom design, it can take about a week or two due to shipping. I have to order the stone, make your piece then send it to you. 

Payment options include paying the full price or half up front to cover the cost of ordering supplies and the other half when I send you a photo of your piece. 

I love creating jewelry and working on something unique in a one-on-one setting. The link below opens up a brochure that also has my contact information for when you are ready to talk about placing an order or if you have more questions regarding custom jewelry. 

Clearance: Marked Down Jewelry

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Hi, I’m Johnna!

I’m an artist from Shreveport, LA who learned the art of wire wrapping gems and minerals into jewelry from Grammy winning musician, Daryl Thompson, who became like a father to me.

He is the one who intrudoced me to the healing world of crystals and I have been learning every since.

This world is ancient but can be applied to modern day times.

My life is hectic–I work from home, am mothering a kitten who almost died, and am living the life of my dreams.

However, we always have to stay grounded and what keeps me grounded is working with the healing gifts of the mineral kingdom to create something.

Every single one of my jewelry designs has a person that is meant just for it.