I found another song. It’s late and bills like to stack up on you.

It gets repetitive. Sometimes I have my low moments. I have had friends turn against me, new friends come out in support, and sometimes, your whole world just falls apart when the one you loved the most stabs you in the heart.

Last year, I stumbled upon this beautiful song by DJ Khaled and Sizzla, a well known reggae musician and blogged about it on the old site. Today, I’m adding it to the new site as a reminder of what I do have to be grateful for.

Reggae moves my soul in a special way. I have a special connection to this beautiful type of music, although this particular piece is more tribal/chanting (meditation with the affirmations of gratitude), but hearing Sizzla’s voice reminds me of another reggae musician.

If it wasn’t for Daryl Thompson, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Daryl was the ONLY man I will ever call Father. He was a Grammy winning musician who was well known for playing with Peter Tosh, winning the Grammy with the Black Uhuru.

Many people who I’ve met and who knew about this talented guitarist who would flip that guitar over his head and play didn’t know he had another gift, one he passed on to me.


Wire Wrapping.


Daryl is the one who taught me everything he knew about how to wire wrap crystals into jewelry. Creating beautiful works of art with simple wire and rocks. Then there’s Kiki and her husband Doug Winters in Dallas.

When I moved to Dallas, I was grieving the loss of my mother and I was this bitter and miserable person. Emotionally, I was a wreck, but something was moving me and I was listening.

Then I met my husband. Then we met Kiki who believed in me, literally gave me a gallery to manage (which was a long time dream of mine as an artist) and literally invested at least $100K worth of materials over a two year period into my jewelry design–out of the kindness of her heart.

I learned about my spiritual gifts and that everyone has gifts. We all have a purpose here. And through it all, my jewelry making has been our main source of income.

When the mall our gallery was in closed, my husband and I took a huge step. We had nothing tying us to Dallas and Facebook meant that our friends were a click away. So we opted for Houston where we literally landed on our feet and opened a store. We’ve been here 5 weeks and had the store so far for 4 weeks.

So here we are, caught up in the hustle and bustle working hard every day. Sleep. Wake up. Open the store. Eat. Go home. Sleep. Repeat.

And every day some emergency happened followed by a miracle. Everything was minor–but could have been major but a miracle happened.

This move was one of those big scary unknowns we embraced and every step of the way there were obvious signs that the Creator was watching and planning with us our every move.

I was in a state of mind of when are we going to see progress? I was not seeing the bigger picture as my husband was. Then I stumbled onto a beautiful reminder to just stop and be grateful. Breathe. Give thanks.


“Welcome to Grateful (strength is strength)

To realise and appreciate your blessings

Embrace your blessings from your heart

Express your gratitude from doing righteous deeds

Asahd, my son – I love you

Thank you God

I also want to thank all my enemies, for turning they backs on me

Thank you

I’m so…”


I don’t have a son or a child, but this music just opens that frequency of gratitude and it’s super easy to list all the things I’m grateful for. And I am grateful.


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