Tranquillityite + Moldavite Pendant in Copper

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This is a very unique pendant made with a very, very rare mineral that was, up until 2011, only found on the moon and Mars. The other mineral in this pendant is Moldavite, which also has its origins in space. 

This Tranquillityite Comes From Australia

Tranquillityite Info

  • Brought back from the Apollo missions from the Sea of Tranquility
  • Forms thin stripe up to 15 x 65 micrometers in size in basaltic rocks.
  • The analyzed samples from the Apollo Mission had up to 1% of uranium, rare-earth elements, niobium, yttrium, aluminum,  chromium, and manganese.
  • The uranium is what helped scientists estimate the age of tranquillityite--3710 million years old!
  • Terrestrial tranquillityite was found in Australia in 2011. 
  • Until 2011, Tranquillityite was through to only originate from the moon. 
  • Tranquilityite was also found in Martian meteorites. 

The rocks in Australia where Tranquillityite was found are called dolerites and are billions of years old. 

I tested both my short wave and long wave UV lights on this piece and it did not fluoresce so I am not sure how much, if any, Uranium is in this particular piece.