What Is Trolleite And Is It Rare?

I came across a pretty stone over the summer that was sold by one of my suppliers I purchase from. 

It's a quartz cabochon with what looked like some blue aventurine in the gem. 

It's not aventurine--but it is a mineral known as trolleite. 

Upon researching it, I found several metaphysical sites that point out this gem is rare and what its healing properties are. We'll jump into that in a moment--I want to share what I found out on Mindat first. 

Trolleite is a light green, colorless, or bluish-green mineral. When the mineral is included in another mineral, such as the two pieces I have (one of them is for sale as a pendant), the color is a dark blue. 

The mineral is named after a Swedish attorney general and chemist, Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister and from what I can gather, there is only one locality: Västanå Iron Mine (Westanå Mine), Näsum, Bromölla, Skåne County, Sweden.

Mindat noted that the mineral may be very blue due to its mixtures with another mineral, scorzalite, which the International Gem Society noted is a relatively rare mineral. Scorzalite is a gem species that are included in the lazulite mineral group--it has iron while lazulite has magnesium. 


Is Trolleite Rare?


According to the Crystal Mountain Store in Australia, Trolleite is a very rare phosphate mineral that is often containing quartz, lazulite, and scorzalite. Their blog also mentioned that there have been new discoveries in Australia, Rwanda, Brazil, and the USA--so it looks like I was wrong when I thought there was just one source. 


Metaphysical Properties. 


Crystal Mountain also dives into some of the metaphysical properties of trolleite. This gem takes you back in time then brings you back into future possibilities. 

It is known to help you find your soul's purpose and infinite ability while releasing pain, anger, and clearing mental and emotional debris. It teaches compassion and the love for all beings. I'm glad I am keeping one of these gems for myself.