What Is Titanium Aura Kyanite?

I first came across this mineral at a show in 2019 and simply fell in love. The vibrant colors just spoke to my soul and this piece, which I wrapped into a pendant, is in my collection. I may take the silver off and display it later--I haven't decided yet. 

There are a variety of names for this stone. One is titanium aura kyanite. Another is rainbow peacock titanium kyanite.



There's also dichroic titanium kyanite. I am not sure if these are bonded with different metals to get the variety in colors (I would assume so) or if these are just general trade names for a dazzling mineral.

 I know that with aqua aura quartz, titanium quartz, and other aura varieties, different metals are applied in the heat bonding process. 

What Is This Mineral Made Of?



SageGoddess, who I personally stan, says that titanium aura is created with the stone is bonded with titanium in a permanent treatment--much like aqua aura and titanium quartz. 

CrystalMagic goes a bit further into how this vibrant mineral is treated. Black kyanite crystals are taken into a superheated process. In this process, the crystals are coated with metallic vapors from different metallic coatings. Rainbow aura crystals are made with a mix of titanium and platinum atoms fused into the kyanite's surface. 

Metaphysical Properties



Black kyanite is long associated with grounding and protection--those ideas are often associated with many black minerals and crystals such as tourmaline, smoky quartz, spinel, diamond, and so on. 

Black kyanite is also known for working with the Earth Star Chakra which is between your feet. It's also known for being a cleanser of other stones in the same way citrine and selenite are. When titanium is added into the mix (and platinum) the energies of these metals are combined.

Sage Goddess wrote that this stone has strength, courage, endurance, and it helps to banish fear. It's a great stone to meditate with and it will anchor and ground you while being creating a protective shield around you. 

Whether or not you think the metaphysical side of the gem and mineral world is real, the stone is really beautiful and I love my piece. I hope to get some in to work with soon.