What Is Specular Hematite?

While in Atlanta, I came across a stone that looked like the night sky. At first, I thought it was a type of Goldstone, but upon picking it up it felt a lot heavier than the man made gem that also sparkles like the night sky.. 

I read the label and discovered its name is Specular Hematite, also known as Specularite. 

Hematite is a mineral that is made up of iron oxide. It has a smooth metallic feel to it which is probably due to the iron. Specular Hematite is a bit different. This mineral has mica which makes it look like you are holding a piece of the night sky in your hand.

Some say that it’s not Mica but very It’s a type of Hematite that seems to have the appearance of tiny shiny mica flakes that are actually made from hematite. In fact, it gets the name Specular due to the mirror like specular reflection. Either way this is a great mineral for those who love all things Space.

Some Metaphysical Properties

Specular Hematite is known to dissolve negativity in all forms. There’s even a magnetic Specular Hematite (I’ve got to get my hands on it!) that helps balances your energy (think yin yang). 

It is a stone that helps you to find your talent and focus on it and also helps you to let go of self-blame. Each tiny “star” in this gem reminds us that we are all starts that have a spark of light. Let it be a visual reminder that you are worthy and that you matter.