What Is Ancestralite?

Ancestralite is a type of hematite that was formed under increased oxygen levels. It has lovely shimmery specks that show it went through an intense process through time while being formed. Ancestralite helps release negative energy while also grounding it so the earth can transmute it.

Ancestralite is a gem that helps deal with ancestral issues as the name suggests. It helps with dealing with past life trauma as well as helping you on your spiritual path today. It’s also a gem that helps you to stand up and take control over your own life. It reminds you that you are the one in control of your destiny while also imparting that earth energetic strength and helping you to clear old karmic debt.

Ancestralite is a gem that helps heal old wounds and issues that you thought you may have finished with but suddenly find out that you’re not done. You may catch a few emotions over something that happened eight years ago that you’ve thought you moved on from. Ancestralite helps bring that issue to the front so you can deal and move on.

Ancestralite is a Scorpio, Aries, and Virgo birthstone. It brings comfort to those with emotional distress and helps clear that negative energy as well.

The Ancestralite in the image is provided by Thyme Keepers Limited and you can purchase it via their website.

I take my power back
I am clear
I am strong
I am whole
I am in control

Note: A good friend of mine runs an online mineral store, Thyme Keepers Limited and a few of my posts are from her store in support of her. All images in this post are (c) Tambo @ Thyme Keepers--used with permission.