What Is Actinolite?

Actinolite is this really cool spiky looking mineral that gets its name from a Greek origin meaning ray or beam. It’s often found with quartz and is known for being a gem of strength and healing, especially if you are recovering from illness.

Another cool thing this gem is known for is shielding. It surrounds your aura with a frequency of protection against subtle energies. The core message of Actinolite is that we are all one. We are a part of the all. 

Actinolite has a wide range of occurrences ranging from bladed groups, fibrous, to thin hair like masses. Its chemical formula is a mix of calcium, iron, and magnesium. It has a ‘twin’, Tremolite but Tremolite has more magnesium than iron. Actinolite gets its lovely green color from the iron.

Actinolite is known as a gem of recovery and stabilization. It’s green radiates healing and health. It brings balance and harmony to the body as well as helping with shielding the aura and the auric field. It’s also known for helping you rediscover your path if you feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose or direction. It reminds you that you are a part of all that is. We are each a branch of one tree.

It also helps you to see yourself from a positive viewpoint. Pairing with rose quartz will help you deal with issues around confidence, self-love, and self-esteem. Rose quartz teaches you to love yourself and Actinolite will back that message up in a gentle, loving manner.

The image of Actinolite is provided by provided by Thyme Keepers Limited and you can purchase them via their website.



I Am Shielded

My Being Is Encased In Light

My Mind Is Strong

My Body Is Whole

I Am One With All That Is

I am love


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