Vanadinite: A Cool Mineral With Lead (So HWC)

Vanadinite is a luscious mineral that looks like warm toffee flakes. It’s discovery and naming has a fascinating story. 

Vanadinite is a result of a chemical alteration to a pre-existing material and is considered a secondary mineral. It was discovered by a Spanish mineralogist in Mexico in 1801. He  thought it was a brown lead that had a new element in it. 

Later he wound up thinking that it wasn’t a new element but an impure form of chromium. In 1830, a Swedish chemist discovered a new element that he named vanadium.

It was later revealed that this was the same mineral the Spanish mineralogist found. And in 1838 the mineral was named vanadinite due to it’s high vanadium content. 

Vanadinite is in the Apatite mineral family and is often discovered in the oxidation area of lead deposits in dry climates. 

Like Galena and other lead minerals, it’s a grounding stone–meaning that it has that heavy earth energy that makes you feel connected to the earth. That energy comes from the lead, and if you are working with any type of mineral that has lead in them, you really need to be careful. Lead is toxic. 

I believe that crystals and minerals have properties that can help us in different areas in our lives. I have had too many experiences of my own with different crystals and minerals 

But I also know that safety is the most important thing and when it comes to using them in everyday settings, we need to be careful. You can’t just use Vanadinite for something you may use a piece of Quartz for. 

Vanadinite, due to its composition of lead, vanadium, oxygen and chlorine, is not safe to ingest or inhale–both ingestion and inhalation are how lead gets into our bodies. 

I’m addressing that because I’ve seen websites touting Vanadinite as a cure for asthma. It’s not and you shouldn’t try to use it in that respect. Working with healing crystals is great and I am definitely a believer. I just want us all to be safe. Research your minerals and make sure you know about their chemical side as well as their metaphysical side.