Turns Out Argentium Silver Turns Yellow Sometimes

Imagine my horror when I pulled out my Argentium, tarnish resistant silver only to find that it had turned yellow. I immediately turned to Google to address my woes but even Google could only provide so much help.



I thought that maybe I was sold a fake, but what few results I could find about this scenario showed me that the yellow film on Argentium silver is actually common in areas that are heavily polluted. And I live in 'cancer alley' an area of Louisiana that is choking on toxic fumes from the many oil and gas refineries we have here. 

I used soap and water to try to take off the film and when that didn't work, I used silver jewelry cleaner. That didn't work either. The metal, although yellow, is a really pale--almost gold color and I like it, however, many people who buy silver buy it because they want the silver color. 



After doing a search, I came across three mentions of the yellowing of Argentium silver, and in one forum, someone said that the "yellow film" was normal and to be expected. The author said it was easy to "pickle off,"  or you can polish it off with Goddard's polish cloths. I don't have the tarnish cloths and have no idea how to pickle metal so I have a bit of research to do.  The author also mentioned Goddard's paste--that wasn't available but I ended up purchasing the polishing cloth and silver cleaning foam. 



Unfortunately, the cleaning solution did not remove the yellow tinge from the silver. I followed the directions to the letter and when the yellow didn't come out of the silver, I let it soak for an hour. None of the stones the jewelry was made with were affected. 

I found another thread that referenced pickling and the use of ionic cleaners. I don't have the type of setup for this level of silver cleaning so for now, it looks like I am stuck with yellow silver. As for the rest of my silver jewelry for sale, I'll be sure to store those in airtight plastic bags to keep the metal from turning yellow. 

I've been working with Argentium silver for over 2 years now and this is the first time I've run into this issue and so far, none of my clients who have ordered silver jewelry have complained about the yellowing silver. 

For now, I'm at a loss as to what to do about this, but will keep researching into it. Perhaps others have ran into the same issue.