This Mineral Came From The Bottom Of The Pacific Ocean

A while back, I was invited to interview the CEO of DeepGreen Metals for a CleanTechnica article and learned about what this mining company specializes in. Gerard Barron explained to me that DeepGreen specializing in mining nickel from the seafloor and that the company has a vision of a zero-carbon, circular economy. Their goal is to source metals with the least environmental and societal impact.


The company actually mines these nodules that fit in your hand and extract the metals from those. These nodules come from the bottom of the seafloor. On their website, they have a specific section that talks about “rock battery” which I found intriguing. Being someone who collects gems and minerals, I rather enjoy when they pop into my day to day job of writing about clean tech and Tesla.



The CEO and the marketing team kindly offered to give me a nodule for my own mineral collection, which I happily accepted and this is how a mineral from the bottom of the Pacific ocean found its way to my shelf. The box they provided it is a cute little branded hexagonal box that keeps the mineral snug and safe.  Below are two videos of the nodule.