There's Something Special About Gold

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It has been imitated, coveted, minted into money, made into jewelry, used in spaceships, and even the ancient Sumerians detail the history of aliens coming to earth for it. What is so special about gold? Is it the beautiful color, or the intensity of the pureness, the fact that it made my temperature rise and freaked out a nurse once?

Gold is considered a precious metal and is often associated with prosperity, wealth, glamour and fame. It’s the official 50th wedding anniversary gift and has been in use in every culture since written records began.

Ancient Egyptians used it for their teeth and even used it for medicinal purposes as well as spiritual purposes.  Ancient Romans would use it to treat ulcers. Over 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians used gold in dentistry and ingested it for mental, bodily, and spiritual purification.

If you’ve ever watched Ancient Aliens or read up on Zechariah Stitchin’s The 12th Planet which is a translation of the ancient Sumerian tablets, you’ll learn that gold was the reason the Annunaki came to earth and created man.

Gold is known as the metal of health and wealth. It’s associated with the Sun and its element is, no surprise, Fire. In healing Gold’s energy also doubles as a power amplifier. Any gemstone set in gold even if plated or filled will have its energy doubled.

Gold is projective, meaning that when you are meditating, focus on what you want and see yourself achieving your goals. See yourself doing rather than getting. Gold protects it’s wearer and opens them up to wisdom, prosperity, and success. It inspires nobility and lends cheering energy that helps the wearer stay positive.