The Hope Diamond Turned Blood Red

Header photo taken by Chip Clark for the Smithsonian Institute

The Gemological Institute of America shared the stunning photo above on LinkedIn and pointed out that these diamonds are the Hope Diamond (right) and the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond (left.) Both diamonds are a bold and luscious blue in normal lighting, but when you apply UV light, these gems glow an apocalyptic blood red. A variety of gems and minerals glow different colors when UV light is applied. I find this thrilling and fascinating. 

Here’s what these diamonds look like in normal light. Photo credit goes to Chip Clark for the Smithsonian Institute. 



 I follow GIA on LinkedIn and enjoy learning about gemstones and gemology. I hope to become a gemologist someday–just for educational purposes. I enjoy learning the history and science about gems and minerals and knowledge makes sharing my world of minerals fun especially when I sell jewelry to my clients. 

The Hope Diamond is linked to curses–and diamonds are known for storing and amplifying energy in a similar manner quartz is, but more intensely. This curse is rumored to have begun when a thief stole the diamond from the brow of a temple idol in India. Many of the diamond’s owners–King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have met very tragic fates. That curse was broken when Harry Winston donated the gemstone to the Smithsonian Institution back in 1958. 

The Wittelsbach-Graff diamond is rumored to be from the same mine in India as the Hope Diamond and as far as I know, it doesn’t have the history of being cursed. GIA shared a list of famous diamonds it has graded and ranking at number one is the Hope Diamond along with the Dresden Green, the Idols Eye, the Portuguese Diamond, and the Moussaieff Red. 


 Uncut diamond made into a ring by me--for a custom order. 


Metaphysical Properties of Diamonds. 

Metaphysical or magical properties of gemstones and minerals have been documented for thousands of hears. Legends and myths are often interwoven with history and scientific facts creating a story about a gem or mineral. Diamonds are the hardest precious gemstones—and the hardest mineral on Earth. GIA grades them using its Four Cs: Cut Clarity Color and Carat which is the weight.

However, in ancient times, Diamonds were worn as tumbled stones like any other gem. They were loved for their beauty and metaphysical properties which included abundance, balance, clarity, and protecting the mind or amplifying one’s thoughts. It’s also known as a gem of courage and helping one to build up their self-esteem.

I have worked with raw diamonds and hope to one day work with a cut and faceted diamond. Here are some photos of my jewelry designs with diamonds.