The Elegance of Raw, Uncut Diamonds

Diamonds get a bad rep due to blood diamonds. A blood diamond is a diamond that was mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency or some type of war effort. Today, there are a lot of responsibly sourced diamonds and there is a new trend in the diamond industry in light of going green. 

These diamonds are recycled, meaning that they were once owned by someone and put back into the supply chain. 

Lab created diamonds are ‘grown’ in a laboratory and have the same physical properties as natural diamonds. Some people think diamonds are a waste of money since they are not as rare as many companies market them to be.



In fact there are some rare stones that cost well more than diamonds do. However, I think diamonds are lovely and when jewelry is created with raw or uncut diamonds, they lend an earthly elegance no matter what metals they are wrapped in. 

Like a lot of gems and minerals, diamonds have different meanings. Clear or white diamonds are a symbol of purity or light. This pure light is known to bring love and clarity into partnerships, but also promote mental clarity and enlightenment. It will help you embrace your fiery soul while remaining pure.

Black diamonds help you to see illusions–even those little lies you tell yourself. Oh it’s not that many calories, oh, he really didn’t mean that–it will bring any situation that needs to be resolved to light and be a good strength of support as all Diamonds are the toughest gemstone.


I make jewelry with raw diamonds only for now. I wold love to get my hands on some faceted ones, but I love the simplicity of the raw ones. Also, all diamond jewelry that is custom ordered (you ask me to make you a piece) have a special purpose.

I give a portion of my profits from all my custom diamond orders to a nonprofit that helps women in need. You and I can choose the nonprofit The idea is to let your purchase of custom diamond jewelry from me make a difference in another woman’s life in some small way. 


This makes your purchase even more meaningful. How it works is that you suggest a nonprofit that focuses on helping women such as a domestic abuse homeless shelter (or I can pick one). Diamond jewelry doesn’t have a set price as I have to find one and order it. If you are interested in having me create a custom piece of diamond jewelry, feel free to contact me about your options.