Stibnite is Toxic, But Oh, So Pretty.

Last year, I went to this local gem show. The guy who does it travels around the country and comes to Baton Rouge every other month and I have been eyeing this lovely specimen of his for a while (above picture). 

However, before I spend $250 on a mineral, I would probably invest it into the stock market first. Or put it aside for my bus ticket for the Mother’s Day gem show in Atlanta in May. 

Anyway, this beautiful mineral that just made me drool and called my name ever so softly just enchants me with that sleek silvery grey color. I found a really cool specimen for $35 and also a sweet Vandanite specimen (saving that for another blog post). 

Upon doing my research on this shiny mineral, I discovered that it’s not just toxic, but super toxic. Both Forbes and GeologyTime have it at number two on their lists of the world’s deadliest minerals.


Stibnite is a lead sulfide of Antimony and is also known as Antimonite. Antimony is a chemical element with the symbol of Sb and its atomic number is 51. It’s often known as its Arabic name, kohl which is a mix up of Stibnite and animal fat, and was used by the ancients in makeup and medicine. 

There are also references in the Bible about Stibnite for its medical uses. Molten Antimony was also used in Egypt to make vases and knick-knacks. Today, it’s uses include pyrotechnics (think fire retardants).

The name Antimony has origins that are uncertain but it has been suggested that it came from 15th-Century Middle English meaning “monk-killer.” 

Steve Voynick of Rock & Gem  studied it and shared that its intricate cluster of interlocking crystals isn’t a favorite among mineral collectors. To be honest, I am quite in love with the way this mineral seems to grow. My piece is unique and reminds me of buildings. 


Using This Mineral For Crystal Healing.


I am a believer in the mystical side of minerals–everything has energy, however, if you are going to use this mineral for healing purpose, I advise you to handle with care as it is extremely toxic. 

If you handle it with bare hands, make sure you wash your hands afterwards. And do not make a gem elixir with it. This stuff has lead in it. In fact, a few other crystal blogs advise you not to even touch it–this stone has Antimony and shouldn’t even come in contact with your skin. 

Big oops on my part because I’ve been all over that mineral (and have been feeling ill, but I’ve been fighting this cold on and off for a month now). Healing Crystals For You recommends that you keep it inside a very strongly sealed cloth bag if you are going to work with it. 

Stibnite is known to help you adjust to environmental earth changes that are going on around you while also being an aid toward making some changes in your life.

 It’s a stone used for manifestation and is known as a mineral that helps bring about abundance and prosperity. It’s also a great grounding stone (so is Galena which also has lead in it–the energy of lead is quite intensely heavy). 

Due to the toxicity of this mineral, I will not wrap it into jewelry. However, there are other lovely minerals and gems out there that I would be happy to wrap. 




I want to include some info from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health on Antimony Toxicity.  

You can get poisoned by this stone if you are exposed to it through occupational exposure or during therapy.  Occupational exposure is known to cause respiratory irritation, pneumococcus, antimony spots on the skin, and also gastrointestinal symptoms. 

When it comes to therapy, this is regarding the treatment of leishmaniasis and schistosomiasis and the toxic side effects of this mineral as a result of these therapies are cardio toxicity and pancreatitis which is seen commonly in other infections such as HIV. 

The main issues that this Antimony can cause are respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, dermal, (Antimony spots), reproductive, carcinogenicity, and even genotoxicity (chromosome breakage in human leukocytes).

If you have bought this mineral or have been exposed to it and feel like you are ill, be sure to go to see your doctor. Health always needs to be the number one priority.