Sometimes It’s Good To Get Out In Nature

Humans are spiritual beings and sometimes we need to infuse ourselves into the world around us. Getting out in nature helps to keep one grounded and bring about peace of mind. As a Scorpio, I am a water sign and am drawn, naturally, to water. I grew up in Shreveport by the Red River and when I moved to Atlanta, there wasn’t a river nearby. 

I didn’t realize how much I missed living near the water until I moved back to Louisiana in 2018. Being by the Mississippi River provides me a lovely view any time I want it. I don’t need to pay an exorbitant price to go somewhere. I just go down to the riverfront. 

Today, I am sharing a slice of tranquility with you. I invested in a new iPhone and the photo quality is much better than with any Android device I’ve ever owned. 

The video above was my view of the sunset. I was sitting in a lovely red chair along the levee steps that the city provided and the sun was setting directly in front of me. One of the many tugboats that travel up and down the Mississippi passed by.



There was this really cool mirror sculpture down at the riverfront as well–it’s new and there was a huge crowd around it. I took a funky video of my reflection–as you can see I was planning to workout by walking the Levee Loop which is a half-mile to a mile and half trail along the top of the levee.

It starts at Florida Riverfront Gateway–I haven’t been to that part yet. I usually just walk back and forth along the levee and the stop at the pier or sit on the steps. 

I love how the light looks on the water and how the water seems to just absorb the light and glow with it.

Getting out in nature is definitely needed especially if you work from home like I do. I usually go down to the river once a week depending on the weather and this is one of my favorite places in the city.