Schalenblende-New Mineral In My Collection

I have a new mineral in my collection that I picked up at a local gem and mineral show. It’s called Schalenblende which is a neat mineral mix made up of pyrite, galena, sphalerite, and marcasite.

Mindat’s directory said it can have wurtzite as well. I don’t think my specimen does. However, those with specimens containing wurtzite have a rare mineral.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a type of lace agate due to the bands across the mineral.

Mindat noted that it comes from the German words, Schale and Blende meaning "shell ore" in allusion to its concretic-layered structure.
Mindat says:

"Compact, fine-grained mixture of sulfides, dominated by sphalerite of a mid-brown to yellow or cream color, occurring in concentric layers with reniform surfaces which also may contain intergrown, marcasite, pyrite, galena, and possible wurtzite. It is believed to have formed by relatively rapid crystallization of a low-temperature\\ sulfide gel"

Nature's Rainbows shared that it could be fluorescent under UV so I tested it. I didn't see any orange fluorescence but I saw some blue specks The mineral was found in the Pomorzany Mine in Olkusz, Poland.