Review of Elon Musk’s New Song: Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe

One of the things that helps me get really deep into the zone is a really good song that empowers your mind. Music is something that does more than expresses creativity–when you listen to songs that empower your soul, they help you become a better person.

I mean, they remind you that you are worthy of all the good things you dream of.

I often speak of Alex Boye and Prince EA–really both talented musicians whose words seek to empower. I often talk about my adopted father–who called me his daughter one day when he overheard me begging the guy I thought was my dad for a DNA test because I was doing genealogy. I was curious.

Daryl, who taught me how to make jewelry, said “Fuck him, I’m your dad,” and proceeded to teach me how to make jewelry. Daryl was also a Grammy-winning guitarist who was the son of Lucky Thompson–if it wasn’t for Daryl I probably wouldn’t be blogging right now.

Music is a force that is often taken for granted. Another force is Elon Musk When one thinks of Elon, they think of memes or Mars or even electric cars. I think of the time he was kind to me and how he personally encouraged me when I was down in 2018. Today, though, Elon is being added to a very small list of musicians who I admire. I also love his girlfriend, Grimes, too–her voice is beautiful and I believe that it was probably her influence on him creating this song.



I LOVE this song. I can not stress enough that words are power and when we say negative things, our bodies hear this and apply them on a cellular level. The same thing happens when you speak life or positivity into existence.

The main thing he says throughout the song is

“Don’t doubt your vibe because it’s true. Don’t doubt your vibe because it’s you.”

These two sentences are very empowering. We are all gifted beings–and everyone can always sense whether someone is good, or whether a situation is off. We often doubt ourselves, though. We think, “no this isn’t right. I must be wrong,” and later on when their intuition is proven true, they realize they shouldn’t have doubted themselves.

Another thought is that you are your vibe and you are true. In other words, you are true or real. Sometimes we all need these reminders to believe in ourselves and Elon Musk is definitely someone who has been through a lot and come out on top. Many think he is just some random billionaire but he got his billions by working hard and smart and uses that money to help make life better for us all.

So take those lyrics literally and to heart--and don't doubt ur vibe!