Our Bodies Have Gold In Them

The human body has trace amounts of gold in it. In fact the average human body weighing 154 and some change pounds contains a small amount of pure gold (a total mass of 0.2 milligrams)–according to The Elements Third Edition written by John Emsley in 1998.

There’s more. The volume of this pure gold would be 10 nanoliters or if it was refined and formed into a solid cube then the measurement of each side would be 0.22 millimeters. Science has determined that the reason why our bodies need the gold is for the health and maintenance of our joints as well as a key element in the transmittal of electrical signals throughout the body.

5 Cool Facts About Gold

1. Gold is the only metal that is gold. Other metals have to oxidize or react with other chemicals to get that gold color.

2. Gold may be a heavy, dense metal, but it’s nontoxic–which is good since it’s in our bodies. However, there is a pill you can take that will make your poop turn gold.

3. Gold in its purest form is tasteless and odorless. It’s pretty but I’d have to add some hot sauce to it if I wanted to eat it.

4. Almost all the gold on the Earth has fallen from the sky via meteorites that often fell around 200 million years or so. I bet there is so much more gold out there. Somewhere.

5. The element symbol AU for gold comes from Aurum which is old Latin. It means “glow of sunrise” or “shining dawn.”

Featured Image by Yves Scheuber on Unsplash