Mystical Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone isn’t gold at all, but a deep, mystic midnight blue with what looks to be a clear sky frozen forever in time.

That sky, the stars are actual flecks of copper. Blue Goldstone, Green Goldstone and Goldstone are all man made gems that are unique in their own way.

Like diamond and glass, goldstone deflects unwanted energy and soothes the nervous system. The blue is cobalt and manganese, so the mix of these two minerals with copper all have a unique effect on the energetic body as well as the physical body.


The Empath’s Stone

 An empath is someone who is super sensitive to the vibrations around them. They get a sense when a person means them harm or just know that something is about to happen not because they see it, but the feel it.

They feel energy. It can be water, anger, a storm, dark or negative, even demonic. However one of the downfalls of being an empath is the fact that we FEEL that energy as if it’s our own and it does mess with the emotions.

Working with blue goldstone is a huge help because it deflects the negative energy and other unwanted energy away. Empaths are super susceptible to manipulative beings and people and tend to fall for a sales gimmick quickly.

Other great stones for empaths are diamond (yes you can get some at a great price, I do have some), glass, tourmaline, opalite, and gold. All of these have great reflective properties and the gold is actually projective in it’s protection.

Blue goldstone reminds you that light can always be found in the darkness and is a great gem for empaths.

Cobalt helps you to remove self limitations and stimulates the third eye chakra while manganese happens to be one of the minerals we need for our bones, blood sugar and metabolism. Copper reduces inflammation and swelling.