My First NFT--Already Sold

It's late, my computer's about to die, and naturally, I went on a pretty nifty NFT adventure into ETH with gem photography art and I wasn't alone in this journey. A friend in the Tesla community sent me some Etherium to create an NFT art piece with. Then to my d surprise honor, the  super-popular parody account, Bored Elon Musk was my first buyer. 






Before I dive deeper, let me explain what an NFT is. 

NFT stands for a non-fungible token that exists on a blockchain. Entrepreneur gives a better breakdown but the best way I can explain it is that it's art you create and sell on the blockchain. You don't use cash. You need to have an Ethereum Wallet so I used MetaMask for mine. Then I went to Rarible to create the NFT. 

Please note that you need to have ETH to start doing this with. You need to use your wallet to authorize the sales, sign, and even accept the bid. However, in the end, you do make profits. 

The art I created was a gif version with some neat animation and photo editing of some Herkimer Diamonds I took a photo of. Herkimers are really cool gems that are double-terminated quartz crystals. I made the art into a gif and although I have the original gif, Bored Elon is the only one who owns it. 


Bored Elon Musk Is Awesome


I saw a tweet by Bored Elon right around the time I just created the NFT after trying to figure out how to do so and randomly replied to him about it. I wasn't expecting it to go further than that but someone asked for a show and tell so I shared the tweet I'd just tweeted with the link to the NFT. When I went back to take a screenshot of the NFT to share as a photo on Facebook (it never got shared lol) I saw that Bored Elon had bid on my art! 

Next up was the adventure in accepting his bid. With Rarible, you have to pay ETH to accept the bid (but you get it back--or I did in my case). I didn't know this. So as I was figuring this out, Bored Elon encouraged me saying he believed in me (that was sweet). 

And finally, I was able to accept his bid and congratulate my new buyer. This was a very educational experience for me in the world of crypto and art and I plan to do another NFT piece with 24K gold soon. 

NFTs Use Fossil Fuels. 

Something else I learned is that NFTS use fossil fuels. There is a gas price for buying ETH, and creating NFTs. It's partly why you need to have funds in order to make and sell them--you are paying for literal gas. 

As someone who writes for CleanTechnica and is an advocate for clean energy, I don't like this. However, I didn't know this when I dove into the rabbit hole. Now that I have my carrots, I am going to plan out my next NFT adventure and take a page from Grimes and raise funds for Carbon180--this is what she did with her NFTs and her other art. I also hope to create awareness and hopefully one day, NFTs will be created by renewable energy instead of gas. 

This is why I want to do something with 24K gold (pure gold not gold filled wire) to create something extremely valuable that will not only go toward benefiting my own business, but helping to offset the carbon of creating NFTs. 

I'm still learning and this is what life is about--learning and growing. It's been an amazing journey so far.